Sick of tedious grinds to earn the next piece of equipment, or repetitive farming of credits to purchase a new Tank? Don’t want to have to buy credits with gold in order to compete with the richest players?


This automated bot puts you in the biggest tank, with the best gear credits can buy.

Tankleader is a powerful botting tool that will put World of Tanks on autopilot, battling non-stop to earn you credits, exp, research points and more. If you’re tired of grinding out battles, or need a few thousand more credits, Tankleader is perfect for you.

Run Tankleader and login to the game. You won’t even have to touch the settings, as the bot has ready-to-use defaults that are perfect for most players.
Tankleader queues for a battle with your preferred tank. Afterwards, Tankleader can switch to one of your other tanks if the battle is still in progress.
Tankleader navigates around the battlefield, attacking enemy tanks. With its intelligent movement and smart combat, it looks just like a player.
Tankleader finishes the battle and queues for another. This continues until you choose to stop it. Run it overnight and earn hundreds of thousands of credits.

  • 1-Click Automation – Preset Settings so you can be using Tankleader in under a minute.
  • No Customization Required – No need to edit complex files or learn to macro.
  • Automatic Joining/Leaving – Automatically joins matches until you tell it to stop.
  • Supporting All Tanks – Works with any tank, including Artillery.
  • Advanced Movement – Navigates any map, making smart tactical decisions.
  • Background Mode – Use your computer as normal while you bot.
  • Undetected – Maintained to keep Tankleader undetected by the game client.
  • Frequent Updates – Tankleader is kept up to date with the game, with continued bot development.
  • Virus & Spyware Free – Tankleader is safe to use on your home PC.
  • Fantastic Support – Get help through the community forums or live help.

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World of Tanks Bot, Tankleader

Botting Power at your Fingertips

With Tankleader you can put your account on full autopilot, earning upwards of 1.5 million credits per day in the best tanks. Fast-track to endgame gear in just a matter of days, and become a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Tankleader plays just like a real player, entering battle, navigating around the map, and tactically engaging enemy tanks. While you sit back and relax, it grinds out battles 24/7.

Concerned about being caught? Tankleader acts just like a player and is unlikely to arouse the suspicion of others. It’s also updated frequently and maintained to help prevent any possible software detection. Furthermore, the Tankleader development team is very experienced with game anti-cheat measures.

Get a 1-Day Trial for only One Euro!

Want to take Tankleader for a test-drive before you commit? Sign-up now for a 24 hour risk-free trial, with all Tankleader functionality unlocked. You can purchase Tankleader in any currency, not only in Euros.
Get a 24-Hour Tankleader Trial for a single Euro!
Note: Tankleader requires you have a WoT Premium Membership or at least 1 Gold on your account. Click here to learn more.