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Automated WoT Bot

Automate World of Tanks. Our bot works on every map, navigating and fighting other tanks with intelligent AI.
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Farm Credits & XP

Earn thousands of credits and XP per match, and bot hundreds of games per day. Unlock and outfit the top tier tanks with our fully automated bot.
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1-Click Automation

With settings that are designed for use out of the box, You can start botting within minutes of downloading Tankleader.
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Put your Tank on Autopilot

Why get our World of Tanks Bot? A few simple reasons…

  • Tankleader automates battles, navigating and attacking the enemy to earn you EXP and credits on autopilot.
  • It runs 24/7, while you sleep, go to school, work, or hang out with friends.
  • It acts just like a player, intelligently pathing around the map and targeting the most vulnerable opponents.
  • Farm hundreds of thousands of EXP and Credits per day to fund your World of Tanks Addiction.
  • It’s virus free, frequently updated and undetected by the game client.

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  • Easy 1-Click Default Setup
  • No Customization Required
  • Auto Joins & Completes Battles
  • Navigates Every Map
  • Smart Combat System
  • Auto Switches Tanks if needed
  • Supports all Tanks incl. Artillery
  • Runs 24/7 until stopped
  • Use your computer while botting
  • Undetected Bot
  • Virus & Spyware Free
  • Dedicated Community Support Forum
  • Live Support for Members
  • Supports WinXP, Win Vista & Win 7

Tankleader Features

Smart Tankleader Navigation

Navigation & Movement

This World of Tanks Bot can intelligently navigate every map out of the box, without looking like a bot.
Tankleader Intelligently Fights Enemy Tanks

Smart Combat

The bot makes smart combat decisions, targeting tanks with low health and other stats that will make them easy kills.
Every Tank Supported, Including Artillery

Supports any Tank

Regardless of your setup, whether you're a newbie or veteran, Tankleader can earn you EXP and Credits 24/7.

Security & Safety

Virus & Spyware Free

Tankleader is guaranteed to be 100% Spyware & Virus free. We have no interest in jeopardizing our relationship with our customers.

Undetected Botting

Tankleader is maintained and updated by its dev team to remain undetected by the WoT game client.

Realistic Automation

Tankleader acts just like a player, navigating the battlefield and making smart combat decisions.